4th Thursday of the Month

923 Ellsworth Drive
Downtown Silver Spring Restaurant Row
Eggspectation’s Website

“Eggspectation Will Surpass Your Expectations.”

Eggspectation is a full-service restaurant and bar covering everything from Sandwiches to Crepes to Pasta to Chicken to Seafood and more. For those of you who don’t know, Eggspectation has restaurants in Canada (where they’re headquartered) to Dubai, Qatar, India and the US.

Eggspectation is providing us private space, as well as sidewalk patio space outside during season.

We Have Happy Hour Prices Until 8 p.m. 

Happy Hour Prices:
Domestic Beer @ $3.50
High End 16 oz Craft Beer up to $8
(Like Flying Dog, Jailbreak, Brookeville Beer Farm)
High End 13 oz Craft Beer @ $4-$6.50
(Draft Beer Prices Can Vary Based on Availability)
Fine Wine by the Glass @ $6.00 – $8.00
        Rail, Any Kind @ $5.00
        Top Shelf @ $7.00+
e.g. Vodka – Grey Goose, Tito’s Vodka
Whiskey – Jamison
Bourbon – Jim Beam
        Very Top Shelf up to $14.00
e.g. Tequila – Azul
Bourbon – Angel Envy, Eagle Rare
Scotch – 15 year Glenlivet, 12 year Macallan
Hors d’oeuvres @ $5.00 – $9.00

Our Next Event….
Thursday, June 25 – TBD if it will be in-person at Eggspectation or over Zoom (for details see the 7-day reminder email)
Later Arrivals Welcomed, As Are 11th Hour Decisions to Attend.  However, RSVP’s are warmly appreciated.

Gays and Lesbians  Around Silver  Spring

Eggspectation, whether you know it or not, is way more than Eggs Benedict.

Eggspectation is an all day and evening experience:
Not Just Breakfast.

Eggspectation has an exceptional Happy Hour menu with very generous Hors d’oeuvres portions. (Like 12″x 4″ plates). These are “Very Shareable Hors d’oeuvres” running between $5-$9.

From the GM, Nicole to Ericka–Our Event Manger to Ray, our server–they all go the distance in assuring guest satisfaction.

Invite Other Couples You Know.  It Does Not Matter Where They Live. Get us their email address for correspondence.

Most of us live within 3 miles or less from Eggspectation.

The more of us the better!

We are at 146 couples. 
71 female and 75 male couples.

We’re an inclusive group and very open to “Gay and Lesbian Couples with Trans Partners.”

Everyone is warmly welcomed here. Apologies for the name of our organization, but the words work for the brand–GLASS. Please, have your Trans friends join us and pass the information onto others. 🙂

Be sure to bring your business/personal cards with you to give to new friends.

Free Parking after 7 PM with a 3 minute walk (Google Maps) located right down the street at:

Town Square Garage (Garage 61)
Ellsworth Avenue & Roeder Rd
$1 per hour–Pay On-Foot System (Kiosks).
Hours Requiring Payment:
Monday to Friday to 7pm

The language on the website states:
The parking rate is only applied until 7 PM but the gates will be raised at 9 PM (2 additional hours) so that customers who parked prior to
7 PM can still make their payments.

The Same Goes for Wayne Avenue (Garage 60) at Fenton Street (3 Minutes, as well).
Loads of $1 Metered spots on Roeder Rd. and elsewhere until 6 pm.
The Cameron Street @ Spring Street garage (Garage 7), 7 minutes away, is $0.70 per hour and is a metered garage.

Back to What We Always Tell You:

If you’re unable to attend and your spouse is available, they are more than welcomed to join us. And, if you do not drink, there are plenty of juices and soft drinks available.

A Chuckle: